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Virginia based Cash Financial is dedicated to helping clients understand how best to prepare for retirement and life’s unexpected turns.

Wednesday, April 17th 2019 | By Zoey Thompson

Fishersville, VA – When Robin Cash’s father passed away unexpectedly her mother was left without ample financial means to care for their home and property through retirement. This event changed how Robin looked at financial planning and even changed the course of her career. She decided to learn how to avoid financial pitfalls and has spent the last decades of her life helping others prepare and grow their finances so that they can live comfortably and securely in their retirement. Today, she not only helps her clients develop sound financial strategies but also holds webinars and local events to discuss those topics relevant to today’s financial markets and those tax and insurance issues that often go overlooked.

“When my father died it left Mom in a terrible bind,” she tells us. “His savings went right back to the insurance company and she wasn’t able to care for herself the way they always planned. I decided then and there I was going to do what I could to prevent that from happening to anyone else I know.”

Robin chose to focus on learning everything she could about finance, retirement, and the growth of wealth so that she could have a firm understanding about all of the various financial vehicles available. For that last eighteen years she has worked to develop a sterling reputation in the financial advisory field and now owns and operates her own firm, Cash Financial where she helps individuals and families with all levels of income develop sound strategies that can help take them safely into retirement.

“I work with my clients to help them identify what they want for their future and what they can expect from working with my team,” she explains. “That way they are armed with the right knowledge to make the right choices for their future. At the end of the day it’s not about me and what I think, but my clients because they are the decision-makers.”

Robin isn’t just an veteran in financial strategies; she’s an involved member of the Fishersville community and acting deacon in her church. Her dedication to friends, family, and community has led her down this path and she’s delighted to see so many people experiencing the type of soft retirement landing she had hoped that her own mother could have had.

For those in Virginia interested in learning more about how to develop sound financial strategies she suggests they begin by visiting her website at:

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